Never Gonna Let You Go

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Some Comics I did Recently

C’est la vie

When That Spam Acc Bugs Me


So many spam on instagram.
But thank god I’m no muggle, a wand swipe solves everything !!

Makeup for Backpack Travelling

Having difficulties trying to decide what cosmetics to bring when going on a short trip? Feel like you’ll need everything, but it just couldn’t fit into your bag? Backpack travelling is all about simple, but we still want to look nice in the picture! So what can we do? let me show you :D!!

The detail list of the products used are listed below

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【Review】JAYJUN Purple Fragrance Mask

2017-03-30 01.07.18.jpg

JAYJUN as one of the top cosmetic surgery clinic in Korea, has produced many popular medicated skincare. I’ve tried a few of their facial mask, and THIS pretty mask just arrived the store yesterday. I was immediately attracted by the packaging and decided to get one home to try out lol.

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【Review】History of Whoo, Nok Yang Pack

2017-03-11 22.52.00

When I first try out this mask, I got to say, I was very disappointed. But after a while I grew attached to it, and this Nok Yang Pack soon became one of my favorite, and most used mask in my skincare routine. Continue reading “【Review】History of Whoo, Nok Yang Pack”

Positive Quote Cards

A weekly inspiration quote challenge that I did a while ago. The project is still on, and I’ll keep posting them when I’ve stack up enough in the future.

If you wish to see these post first hand, please follow me via MishMisha Facebook Page

【Review】THE SEAM Kiss Button Lips Matte


Colour: M06
Matte finish that has silky texture. Doesn’t dry up your lip. Wonderful colour pigment, and it doesn’t cake on my lip line at all as I have very dry lips. Considering it’s low price, I’m quite amazed by its quality

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Glowing Spore

“Are you leaving yet? Are you leaving yet?

“Can I stay here for a while?”

“A while is ok! Is ok! But you cannot stay for too long. Too long you’ll turn into a mushroom, and you won’t be leaving then!” A glowing spore said to me

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